Re: g_slice considered awesome.

On 8/3/06, Robert Love <rml novell com> wrote:
So we have, as I see it, four options:

        1.  Do nothing.  In lieu, burn buildings and riot.  Topple cars.

        2.  Require glib 2.10 or later and move all applicable memory
        allocators to the super-cool memory slice API.

        3.  Put ifdef's in the code, checking for the glib version and
        doing the appropriate thing.  Cons: Ugly.  Pros: Do not have to
        introduce our own wrapper.

        4.  Introduce our own wrapper.  Pros: Pretty.  Cons: Another
        wrapper.  As a plus, it can be an inline function in a header,
        at least.

Can we do #1 and then #4?  The pros are the following:

1) Random mayhem

1) Random mayhem is considered rude in some countries

Debian Etch (Due in December), Ubuntu Dapper/Edgy, and slackware 10.2
(The only distro's I have any knowledge of) all have Glib >=2.10 so
none of the changes will affect them but Debian Stable currently has

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