Re: Documentation Updates

On Saturday 29 April 2006 11:21, Joseph Harnish wrote:
>As a user of NetworkManager and watching the mailing lists I think the
>documentation for NetworkManager needs to get updated and expanded.
>Rather than just requesting that this be done, I am submitting the
>changes and additions that I think should be made to
> and possible distribution
>documentation.  I understand that NetworkManager is supposed to
>"Just-work" but there is an impression that NetworkManager is broken.
>So here is my recommendations for site changes:
>First, combine the user and the administrator sections of the website.
>Mainly because most users of NetworkManager are the administrators of
>their box.

Good idea, but where is the admin section now?

>I also think that there should be additional sections: setting up
>section, external services, troubleshooting section, and a roadmap
>(including differences between 0.3.X, 0.4.X, 0.5.X, 0.6.X and 0.7.X)

Good idea also.

>If this seems reasonable I will submit follow up emails containing
>content for each section.  I will need some help with the setting up
>section as I currently use Fedora and I don't know the exact steps in
>each supported distro.
>Let me know if this would be useful and any changes.  I will try and
> get at least a skeleton of the setting up section emailed out
> tonight.
>NetworkManager-list mailing list
>NetworkManager-list gnome org

Cheers, Gene
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