Weirdness with Cisco AIR-PCM352 (airo_cs)

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I am not even sure where the problem lies here, as it seems to be a
rather interesting problem, that only happens on certain occasions.

I have 4 wifi cards here, one controlled by orinoco (works amazingly),
one rt2x00 (utter failure, but then, it fails without NM too, so no
surprise there, and with the shape of the dscape stack currently, I will
just wait on it), one rtl8180 (not really tested though it used to work)
and finally, my Cisco AIR-PCM352 which is airo_cs.

Now, if I typically use my orinoco card, as well, it seems to be the
best card that i have, in terms of driver stability, but occasionally, I
like to crack out the cisco card, because once upon a time, it was the
best card.  If I don't have any devices plugged in, and I plug the cisco
card in, it gets eth0  when I attempt to connect to a network with it, I
get something along the lines of

      Apr 27 21:00:24 umbra NetworkManager: <WARNING>
nm_utils_supplicant_request_with_check (): supplicant_interface_init:
supplicant error for 'INTERFACE_ADD eth0         wext
/var/run/wpa_supplicant '. Response:
      Apr 27 21:00:24 umbra NetworkManager: <WARNING>
real_act_stage2_config (): Activation (eth0/wireless): couldn't connect
to the supplicant.

Not sure what that garbage is, or where it comes from, however, if I pop
the Cisco card out, and pop in the orinoco (which then becomes eth0) it
connects and so forth straight away.

Now, if I leave the Orinoco card in, and plug the Cisco card in, it gets
eth1 instead of eth0, and I will typically get the garbage above,
however, around the 2nd or 3rd time that I try to connect with it, it
will connect and maintain the connection just fine (I've been connected
with the cisco being eth1 for over 12 hours now, with no disconnects and
so forth)

Anyone have any ideas?  I saw that Dan had passed some patches upstream
that were airo related, do any of them deal with this issue?
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