Re: my wireless adaptor doesn't work

On Thu, 2006-04-27 at 17:12 +0800, Shu Hung (Koala) wrote:
> Hello all,
> My wireless adaptor doesn't work with networkmanager on ubuntu right 
> now. It is GW-US54GZL of Planex using chipset zd1211. 
> First I found the version of of zd1211 on ubuntu is too old to
> identify
> my adaptor. I simply download the latest version of zd1211 driver
> from their offical website (
> After compile and install the driver, my computer can identify my
> adaptor.
> However, as I plug it in, the NetworkManager tray icon disappears and
> seems the NetworkManager hangs. It happens every time I plugin the 
> addaptor.
> What can I do?

What version of NetworkManager are you using?

Also, try to stop NetworkManager, then (as root) run
"/usr/sbin/NetworkManager --no-daemon" and grab it's output, and mail it
here.  That will let us know where it's hanging and/or having problems.

Note that the zd1211 driver is fairly immature and likely won't work
correctly with NetworkManager and/or wpa_supplicant for a while yet.  It
is, however, under active development and should become quite workable
fairly soon.


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