Re: What exactly are the aims of NM?

> I don't know if it is intended or not, but NM works fine in KDE (I am
> using an up to date FC4 - I have yet to try FC5).

Here too, it runs fine in KDE. I have used it for a while now with KDE on FC4 
and FC5 with no problems. I have an ipw2100 wireless card. As others in this 
thread have stated, there is in principle no problem running any gnome 
application under KDE (or vise versa).

> In addition to running both the NetworkManager and
> NetworkManagerDispatcher services, you will need to manually start
> NetworkManagerInfo which should display an applet in your panel's tray.
> There may be other ways of doing this in KDE, but that's what I have to
> do with the version I'm using [1].

Note, with FC5 a newer version of NM is used, where the applet is renamed from 
NetworkManagerInfo to nm-applet. Also, the KDE integration of this "gnome" 
applet in KDE is much better. With FC4 the icon was a little screwed up (with 
my transparent background), whereas with FC5 it is fine.

> However, since it sounds like (from what others have said in reply so
> far) your card is not (yet) supported, you will have little to no
> functionality in the NM applet.

This is the main issue. I am lucky enough to have a well supported card.


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