Network manager hangs on joining AP with ipw2200


This may possibly be a ubuntu only bug but I have had no response on the forums or the bug I filed at

Here are my symptoms (NM 0.6.2);

If the wireless interface is configured manually and the the pc is restarted then the daemon doesnt start. This may be normal behavior though

If the interface is left unconfigured and the pc restarted then the daemon doesnt start either.

If i start network-manger manually using --no-daemon and then start the applet then I get the behavior attached. It never gets and IP. If seems to need help (see below)

The only way NM now works is if I first configure the iface manually, join the AP and confirm everything works. I then reconfigure the iface disabling both and restart the daemon.

This way it works fine. This is the only scenario that actually works. I have attached the output for this case also.

This has only started happening in the last few days, either since the kernal upgrade or since the upgrade to NM 0.6.2

I have attached the output from network manager and nm-applet to the bug report linked above.

I hope someone can help me debug this!



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