Working/Non-working network adapters

Has anyone sat down and created a "database" of what all networking
adapters work or don't work with NetworkManager?  I saw on the site that
some cards don't work, and some do, so I was wondering if someone had a
bit more extensive list.

I ask because I have a few on the list that claim to be working but
don't - I also have other cards that use the same driver but don't work.

In the same vein, is there a way to tell NetworkManager to ignore
certain devices, or is something like that planned.  For example, a way
to filter out based on the MAC address of the adapter to never attempt
to use it.

I bring this up because recently, NetworkManager has started to segfault
on me, with some adapters and not others, so I would like to figure out
what all are the working vs. non-working adapters, and see if there
isn't a way around them.  I typically keep 2 wireless cards in my pcmcia
slots, sometimes I have one monitoring my network to make sure nothing
funky is going on with it, while the other is connected so I have
internet access.  However when you start NetworkManager, it disagrees
and turns both cards into looking for a network.  Perhaps I am missing
something though.

Thanks for any ideas or help

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