Re: nm-applet shows wrong state at boot

I reported this bug several weeks ago.

My analysis is that on boot to wired NM reaches stage5 of activation (where the dbus change of state signal is sent) before nm-applet is up and ready to receive that signal. My solution was to change the order of nm-applet in Gnome sessions Start Programs from the value 10 to the default value of 50. Since that change, nm-applet has not once shown the no-connection icon at boot when a good connection was in fact made.

I am running HEAD 1.522 on an T42 under FC4 kernel-2.6.12-1.1398_FC4. On boot to wired NM, does not wait for nm-applet to start or ask for a password from Gnome keyring, it connects as fast as it can, only delayed if the dhcp server is slow to respond.

Bill Moss
Professor, Mathematical Sciences
Clemson University

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