Re: NM ignoring DHCP server

On Tue, 6 Sep 2005, Peter Jones wrote:

> On Tue, 2005-09-06 at 10:55 +0200, Rene Rask wrote:
> > Hi list
> > 
> > One of the most frustrating this about NM is the DHCP server response
> > policy. After a long and exhausting fight with an Atheros based card I
> > got a lot of:
> > 
> > NetworkManager: DHCP: Reply message's source port (5353) was not the
> > DHCP server port number (67), won't use it.
> > 
> > How am I supposed to fix this? On hardware routers and whatnot serving
> > IPs to clients. If there isn't some way of disabling this security
> > feature then NM will never "just work".
> Out of curiosity, what AP vendor is shipping hardware that responds to
> DHCP on the wrong source port?  That's the critical piece of data you
> seem to have left out.

Actually, that message is a bit misleading.  There's no way that I know of to 
tell the kernel we only want packets from port X at the level we're working at, 
so the code actually receives copies of _all_ incoming packets.  The message is 
just saying that it's discarding the packet because its not a DHCP packet.

Do you ever see a message other than that?

The alternative here is to update to a newer NetworkManager, based on code 
that's not 0.3x.  Later stuff uses dhclient which is more compatible with other 
DHCP servers.


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