NM ignoring DHCP server

Hi list

One of the most frustrating this about NM is the DHCP server response
policy. After a long and exhausting fight with an Atheros based card I
got a lot of:

NetworkManager: DHCP: Reply message's source port (5353) was not the
DHCP server port number (67), won't use it.

How am I supposed to fix this? On hardware routers and whatnot serving
IPs to clients. If there isn't some way of disabling this security
feature then NM will never "just work".

I think the problem started back in january when this feature was
implemented by some security minded people. 

Please consider the fact that a huge amount of the dhcp servers out
there are hardware based and not (easily) upgradeable (just think how
hard is it to get software upgraded).
If you are worried about security, please make NM ask if I care about it
and a "always accept offered ip" checkbox would be nice in that case.

My configuration: FC4 with latest updates and running kernel
2.6.11-1.1369_FC4 (S3 sleep is broken in the latest kernel).
IBM x40 laptop with ipw2200 (the Atheros is a friends).
I tried with the 1.0.6 firmware and the latest driver with no success.


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