version bumps

Hey, this is likely a silly request, but I was wondering if version
bumps in CVS could happen after a release?  I do it locally, when I
compile for myself, but when I am creating ebuilds to go into the
Gentopia overlay, I really do prefer to not have my little hacks going.
The reason is such...

networkmanager-0.5.1 = latest released version

now, if i do a snapshot of cvs dated today, i get


I realize it is something trivial, and I have no idea what constitutes
an actual bump, but possibly either a .1 to the end, or bump to next,
i.e. 0.5.2 ?

So far, things are going swimmingly on Gentoo, I just added libnl
1.0-pre3 to the Gentopia repository in preparation of the dependency in
NM, though libnl has been in Gentoo for a while now.  Hopefully this
email is taken for a simple request, and not me trying to be bossy,
because I really don't want to be thought of as such.  Great job so far

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