Re: Non named operation and new arch

On Sun, 2005-10-23 at 17:47 +0200, Tor Krill wrote:
> I'm working on a port of NM to my distribution of choice, Archlinux.


> Working on this i run without named and if i understand correct that is
> ok? With fallback on glibc resolver.

Correct.  If named does not support dbus, NM will fall back to writing
out /etc/resolv.conf.

> Doing this i have encountered two problems. When writing resolv.conf
> only first nameserver gets written, once for each NS i had originally.

Ah, good catch.  Stupid error on my part.

> The other problem is in nm_named_manager_remove_ip4_config. In that
> config is deleted before the last call to 
> rewrite_resolv_conf resulting in that my resolv.conf being written empty
> on shutdown. 

Another good catch.

> Attached to this email is a small patch with my fix for these.

Committed, thanks.

> Other than that, what possibilities are there for addition of Archlinux
> support in NM? What requirements are there? I have a complete patch
> against NM 5.1 albeit not widely tested.

Sure, send the patch along.  As long as it doesn't widely affect users
of other distributions (which it probably doesn't?), it will probably be
fine to commit now and then you can fix bugs that get reported later.


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