kubuntu network-manager doesn't work

Hi there,

I'm posting this as a seperate thread apart from the patch to keep things 
clear ;)

I've installed network-manager package from kubuntu repo, and it immedietly 
broke my connection. Even though a custom call to the dhcp client on eth0 
configures the device correctly after a short time NetworkManager puts it in 
to an unusuable state and uses the famous IP for it.

And when it tries to switch to wireless network it ups my both wireless 
devices and apparently route table is somehow screwed so that I cannot 
connect to anywhere.

And sometimes `ip` starts consuming full CPU power, apparently ends in an 
infinite loop.

Bottomline; I couldn't make NetworkManager work. BTW where do we set the 
encrpyion keys to wireless devices ? A documentation is necessary.

Best regards,


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