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Karl Hegbloom <hegbloom pdx edu>
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> Has the X session manager command line issue been addressed?  I don't
> have time to spend on trying to fix it.  I'm falling behind in my
> studies as it is.

> Or, am I the only one who sees the nm-applet command line get longer and
> longer every time I log out and back in again?

I'm not on the list, I just read the archives. I do track NM very closely, running NM 0.5.1 right now.

Yeah, I see this all time. It always happens (seems to anyway) when I upgrade to the newest verion rpm -U ...

After more than 2 sets of arguments nm-applet stops showing up in the notification area, and the only way I can fix this is by removing nm-applet via gnome-session-properties "Current Session" and then relaunching it.

No need to reply as it wont go to the list unless you manually add it

There are a couple of other "race conditions" between NetworkManager daemon and nm-applet, which are more annoying to me than this one.

If one hibernates a laptop, nm-applet doesn't always show the right state after the resume. calling the .sleep and .wake dbus methods NetworkManager exposes clears that up, but one should not have to manually do that. (especially since the hibnerate script calls the .sleep before the hibernation and calls .wake on resume).


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