Re: Ubuntu Breezy / Problems Compiling

On Fri, 2005-10-21 at 09:06 +0200, Thomas Voss wrote:
> Hi list,
> just tried to compile the great NetworkManager 0.5.1 on Ubuntu Breezy.
> Build fails complaining about IW_EV_POINT_OFF not being defined.
> Investigating (and googling) a little bit, I found out that
> IW_EV_POINT_OFF was introduced in WE 19 for kernel
> 2.6.13:-( Unfortunately, 2.6.12 is default for Breezy and I don't want
> to compile a custom kernel.
> Does anyone know a work-around?

There is no workaround.  Right now the code that references this isn't
actually being used, but in the very, very near term it will be, and it
will be required to use wireless extensions > 19 so that we can support

If you really, really want to get it to work, look at the bottom of
NetworkManagerDevice.c and remove the stuff dealing wpa_ie and rsn_ie,
and also the bits of code that reference IW_EV_POINT_OFF (but keep the
'else' clause after the IW_EV_POINT_OFF check).


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