Re: Possible a better order to switch connections

On Mon, 2005-10-03 at 01:17 +0300, Paul Ionescu wrote:
> > The "downtime" is brief, and the new interface cannot have the same IP as
> > the old one if you don't bring the old one down first.
> The "downtime" is sometime not so brief, and why not avoid the downtime if
> possible ?

But when I pull out the wire jack from eth0, I mean it.  There's no
point in having an IP there anyhow.  The thing is that applications
don't know I've pulled the plug.

> Besides, one can have the same IP on multiple interfaces if needed.
> You can test it.

I've never tried that and it had not occurred to me.  How does the
routing deal with that?  It seems like what you'd want is for the
routing to send anything new out over the new interface...  but that's
not up right away.

Hmmm... so if I pull the wire jack, and the interface stays up logically
until the WIFI link is established, what happens to packets and
connections that existed at the point I pulled the wire out?  They
probably block, but if the new interface is given the old IP, will they
get sent on that, or lost, or what?

Karl Hegbloom <hegbloom pdx edu>

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