Multiple nm-applet instances in session

I was viewing the 'ps wwwauxf | less' output, and found that the
nm-applet had a huge command line, with many of the command line
switches repeated over and over.  I saw there only one instance of it,
with that long command line.

I opened the gnome-session-properties dialog, and found that nm-applet
was listed about a dozen times.  I removed all of them, and relaunched
the nm-applet.  It was then running, with no command line arguments
showing.  I logged out, and when I logged in, it had this command line:

nm-applet --sm-config-prefix /nm-applet-IXs9rQ/ --sm-client-id 106c2e7b1c000112827865300000066730015 --screen 0

I logged out and back in again, and now it has this command line:

nm-applet --sm-config-prefix /nm-applet-11CB0M/ --sm-client-id 106c2e7b1c000112827865300000066730015 --screen 0 --sm-config-prefix /nm-applet-IXs9rQ/ --sm-client-id 106c2e7b1c000112827865300000066730015 --screen 0

There is only one instance of it in the gnome session properties, with
the second set of arguments showing.  Perhaps there's missing logic wrt
not generating that client ID and config prefix when they are given on
the command line.  You tell me and we'll both know.

Karl Hegbloom <hegbloom pdx edu>

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