Re: zd1211 chipset support?

One that I have noticed that might be an issue is the network device does not respond to iwtools unless it is issued and ifconfig up or similar. So, maybe this is causing it to be identified as a wired adapter.

Tony M.

Derek Frye wrote:
Using a ppc and the latest zd1211 svn snapshot from

In FC4 (with latest updates): NM doesn't seem to recognize my zd1211 based usb adapter (wlan0). I can connect to wireless networks using iwconfig though, and iwlist wlan0 scanning shows the correct output.

In Ubuntu Dapper Drake: NM (version 0.4.1+cvs20050817 from the universe repository) shows the adapter as a wired adapter. So, if I set wireless parameters with iwconfig NM does the rest. I could build and install the latest 0.5.1 NM snapshot, but nm-applet wouldn't start (don't remember the exact message it complained with) so I couldn't test a recent version.

Do these issues and inconsistencies stem from problems with the zd1211 driver or NM?

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