deactivate device using ipw2200

The function nm_device_deactivate contains

	//* Clean up stuff, don't leave the card associated *//
	*if* (nm_device_is_wireless (dev))
		nm_device_set_essid (dev, *""*);
		nm_device_set_enc_key (dev, NULL, NM_DEVICE_AUTH_METHOD_NONE);
		nm_device_set_mode (dev, NETWORK_MODE_INFRA);
		nm_wireless_set_scan_interval (dev->app_data, dev, NM_WIRELESS_SCAN_INTERVAL_ACTIVE);

In my installation of NM I have changed nm_device_set_essid (dev, *""*) to nm_device_set_essid (dev, *" "*) twice in NetworkManagerDevice.c for the following reason.

The ipw2200-1.0.8 driver interprets the essid "" as ANY. Setting this essid does not force the AP to disassociate. As an experiment, connect to an AP, then plug in a wire to get a wired connection, then do 'iwconfig ethx'. When I do this I see that my AP is still associated. Also, check with 'ethtool ethx'. Setting the essid to a single space does work although this seems like a hack.

I have also modified the ethtool support in NetworkManagerDevice.c creating a function 'ethtool_detect' that returns 1 if a link is present, 0 if no link is present, and -1 if ethtool is not supported. For wireless, 'link' means association.

When ethtool is supported, I use it in the function that tests for association, and I also use it in the function that deals with DHCP timeouts: if ethtool_detect returns 1 for a wireless, I assume the fault is with the DHCP server and call nm_device_new_ip4_autoip_config.

There have been reports that ethtool can be fooled with ipw2200. I am looking for AP configuration scenarios that will cause ethtool to give a false positive response with ipw2200.

Bill Moss
Professor, Mathematical Sciences
Clemson University

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