Re: vpn config

Hi Steev,

I've just installed your new patched version of networkmanager-vpnc
I can configure my vpnc connection but it isn't shown in the nm-applet.
I got this error after the vpnc configuration:

NetworkManager: nm_dbus_vpn_signal_vpn_connection_update: assertion
`vpn != NULL' failed

I also noticed in gconf-editor that the vpnc connections are saved in
system/networking/vpn_connections but saw a web page mentioning it in
system/networking/wireless/vpn_connections on Fedora.
Could it be the problem?

          -- Joris

> Hey Joris, I am the maintainer of NetworkManager on Gentoo - I don't
> have a vpn, so I haven't done any work towards making sure that vpn's
> work - If anyone has some instructions on getting it to work, they would
> be greatly appreciated - I don't have any cisco hardware however, so
> setting up my own vpn is kinda hard to do (plus, i only (currently) have
> 2 laptops, so uhh, hardware donations would be appreciated too ;) )
> -- steev
Joris Vuffray <joris nova ath cx>

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