Re: OpenVPN in NM CVS.

j bootlab org wrote:
> Hi,


> i added ubuntu packages for the OpenVPN plugin to 
> so for those running ubuntu breezy, 
> just apt-get install network-manager-openvpn


> some issues i have,
> *general question regaring vpn plugins, do i have to restart
>  NetworkManager to make new plugins available? 

Since you have to restart dbus (to get the new permissions for the
module loaded) you also will need do restart the NetworkManager. At
least during my tests it would not recover from a dbus failure.
David posted the real answer for this.

> *Use LZO compression is always unselected than editing a connection.
>  while "Only use VPN connection for..." is always selected.

This is a bug, I'm going to look at it. I'm right now adding support for
static-key and password-authenticated connections so code is in flux at
this time. I will commit an intermediate version for this bug depending
on when my CVS accounts gets live.

> *convenience, it would be nice if the file chooser dialog would be in
>  the last folder, since it will be quite common to have all 3 files in
>  one folder. so navigation to it 3 times seems wrong.

This is true. Will do that.

> *deleting a connection and adding it again does not work.
>  only after removing all traces in 
>   ~/.gconf/system/networking/vpn_connections

OK, will check that. From what Robert send earlier this seems to be a
bug in the VPN manager which is not correctly deleting the values from
gconf since these settings are not managed in the VPN plug-in itself.

> *routing did not work for me, while using openvpn with a config file 

It's strange that the P-t-P address is the same as the inet addr. I can
confirm that, it happens here, too. NM always set the default gateway to
the tun device, which should be OK. But why is the P-t-P address that
strange?  I was able to ping beyond the routing barrier, though. Will
have a look at this again.


    Tim Niemueller <tim niemueller de>
 Imagination is more important than knowledge. (Albert Einstein)

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