Re: Ubuntu Suspend w/ Ethernet Cable Plugged in

On Sun, 2005-11-13 at 12:39 -0600, Mario Limonciello wrote:
> Hello All,
> I'm using Ubuntu Dapper (although I know this was occurring in Breezy as 
> well) w/ a deb of NetworkManager 0.5.1.  A friend of mine who isn't so 
> linux savy is having the same problems in Breezy with the version of 
> Network Manager that ships with it.
> NetworkManager works fine for me for the most part while the computer is 
> up and running to switch between networks, but after a suspend things go 
> wacky.
> When you suspend a machine in ubuntu, it by default pulls out all kernel 
> modules for network devices and usb devices to prevent errors.
> My thinkpad is using the e1000 kernel module for ethernet and madwifi 
> for wireless.  So, both of these modules are pulled and reinserted after 
> a suspend.
> My problem is that if I leave the cat5 plugged in during a suspend, 
> after the resume it seems that NM goes through this process:
> 1) Ubuntu reinserts the wireless module before the wired module, so 
> RIGHT after the resume it will try to associate with a wireless network.
> 2) As soon as the wired module is reinserted, it stops associating with 
> a wireless network (as i'd hope).
> 3) Now one of two reproducible things different things seem to happen 
> every time here.
>     A) There was enough time for it to associate with a wireless 
> network.  So it records the nameservers in my /etc/resolv.conf.  It 
> reassociates with the wired network fine, but the nameservers are wrong 
> and not updated.
>     B) It gets the address that I should be getting immediately after 
> the module is reinserted, and actually the network works momentarily.  
> Soon thereafter it stops to work and going to connection information 
> shows that I received an address in the 169.254 range.
> If I pull the ethernet cable and plug it back in, things are back to 
> normal again in either case.  The second case seems to happen more 
> often, but I have reproduced the first case several times.
> My question here is where to assign blame to, is it Ubuntu ACPI scripts, 
> the fact that I probably haven't properly disabled the debian style 
> networking options for Ubuntu, or a bug in Network Manager?

Hmmm, I'm seeing similar behavior on my ThinkPad T41, running the latest
stable FC4 and NM 0.5.1-1.FC4-4. I have e1000 for ethernet and airo
(Cisco 350) for wireless. 

Suspend to RAM on my system doesn't unload either the e1000 or the airo
module (I do unload the usb modules and I stop acpid). I use the
dbus-send trick to tell NM to sleep before the ACPI suspend and to wakup

I only see this sort of behavior when I get to work. I suspended the
system at home (on wireless) and un-suspended when attached to a dock,
so the wired ethernet is attached. I see what looks like a normal DHCP
transaction (I habitually run a 'tail -f /var/log/messages' in a
gnome-terminal) and the network seems to be up, then suddenly no
connectivity and I've got a 169.x.x.x address. The first time I saw it I
tried pulling the ethernet and reconnecting, but that didn't seem to fix
it. I could have been impatient though :).

I'll try and characterize it better next time I see it happen. Any
thought on what's going on here? Can I turn up the verbosity of NM's


Clark Williams <williams redhat com>

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