Re: not listing networks

I have the same issue with my rt2500 chipset card (iwlist ra0 scanning finds networks but NM doesn't), but I had a prism54 chipset card (same chipset as your card, I think) and it never had this scanning issue.

A work around is to manually enter the network name in "Connect to Other Wireless Network...".

Trond Husø wrote:
Hi group,

Today I was at a coffeeshop and according to the shopowner there was
wifi available. But Network Manager didn't find it (nor my card, so the
error is not likely NM).
I moved the laptop around, and when using iwlist I did find a network,
but NM didn't.

I am wondering however that my network setup could be wrong. Could
someone help me with the best setup for network and NM?

My system is a Compaq Evo N160 with Fedora Core 4 installed. I also have
the 3com 3CRWE154G72 rev 01 version.


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