Re: vpn config

Hi Steev,
sorry for my late answer but I was away for some time.

I'm now using the cisco vpn-client on gentoo but it would be great to
make vpnc usable with NetworkManager.
I installed 0.3.3 as recommended by the list but still get the same
Do you know what NetworkManager is checking to see if vpnc is installed
or not?

If you need help to test it on gentoo, le me know.


> Hey Joris, I am the maintainer of NetworkManager on Gentoo - I don't
> have a vpn, so I haven't done any work towards making sure that vpn's
> work - If anyone has some instructions on getting it to work, they would
> be greatly appreciated - I don't have any cisco hardware however, so
> setting up my own vpn is kinda hard to do (plus, i only (currently) have
> 2 laptops, so uhh, hardware donations would be appreciated too ;) )
> -- steev
Joris Vuffray <joris nova ath cx>

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