Behavior with cards in rfmon mode

After dealing with some bug reports from Kismet users, we finally
narrowed down a weird problem to an interaction with NetworkManager.

It appears that part of doing a scan for joinable networks changes the
mode of a wireless card to managed.  This causes interesting errors in
programs that are sniffing in monitor mode, ranging from just not
getting packets anymore (if the driver silently ignores channel sets in
managed mode) to failure on channel set (if it doesn't.)

It would seem to me that the simplest fix would be to ignore cards that
are in monitor mode (and alternately put some sort of notice that
they're being ignored in the menu/ui somewhere).

I can, of course, just tell users they have to shut down networkmanager
beforehand, but coexisting cleanly is probably better since users often
don't read docs.

I don't run gnome, or else I'd work on submitting a patch instead of
just complaining.


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