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I would like to comment that having user's point of view is very important. However, voting suggests that software development is some form of democracy, which it is not.
The main developer should make the decisions!

my two cents

On Nov 3, 2005, at 2:59 AM, Derek Frye wrote:

I think it's awesome that you wrote code to support this, and vote for its inclusion (in some community agreeable form) as it adds a handy (and sometimes necessary) feature!

My original non-support for this idea stemmed from thoughts that it's better to have the limited human development resources focused on other items (like wpa support) at this time.

-- Derek

Éric Brunet wrote:
On Mon, Oct 31, 2005 at 09:12:10AM -0600, Tony Murray wrote:
Think leaving the computer at home knowing you will connect to it from work. Before you leave you log in to establish a network connection. During your trip, there is a micro outage of power, the computer reboots without any problem, but as noone is logged in any more, the sshd is not
accessible. This is a problem introduced by NetworkManager and its
concept of setting the network up only when someone is logged in front of
the computer.

The simple solution to this is start the NetworkManager daemon on boot and have the init scripts initially bring(or try to bring) up a network interface.


Just my simple view from the outside ;)
Well, a shell script would still need the WEP keys for the network, and it can't fetch it from the users' directories as they are encrypted into gnome-keyring. Therefore, it would need to maintain a separate database of available networks and, at this point, my patch is the simpler way to
By the way, no comment on my proposed patch ? I have put a binary of
NetworkManager on my web page ( , for those who want to try it without compiling it. It is now running on my laptop, and it is a real pleasure to not have to wait 20 seconds after log in to have
the network up and running !
	Éric Brunet
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