Re: Cisco VPN config files converter

On Tue, 2005-05-24 at 14:04 -0400, Bryan Clark wrote:
> Can we just import them automatically on the first run of this dialog.

I think that the problem here is that the .PCF files are not stored
anywhere on the machine. Users simply have a vpnc.conf that some
sysadmin cooked up for them.

> Do something like:
> 	First Run of config dialog
> 	---------------------------------
> 	| Would you like to import these|
> 	| configurations from Cisco VPN?|
> 	| [x]	RH Bos			|
> 	| [x]	RH RDU			|
> 	| [x]	RH STU			|
> 	| 		[Cancel]  [OK]	|
> 	---------------------------------
> 	Import all checked options
> The first time you run this dialog, if you've been using Cisco VPN it
> would be nice to just offer to get all those options back so the person
> doesn't have to work through anything else.  Maybe it even makes more
> sense to run this dialog from the nm-applet instead of waiting for the
> person to run the VPN configurations.
> Perhaps you could then offer the option to "Import Cisco VPN Connections
> to vpnc" (from the drop-down list of VPNs) give the same import options
> as above.  Just thinking out loud for this part.  

Oh, you mean on that this dialog

should have two choices for vpnc

 * Compatible Cisco EasyVPN Client (vpnc)
 * PCF file for Compatible Cisco EasyVPN Client (vpnc)
 * <some_other_vpn_client>

or did I misunderstand you? Assuming, I didn't, I do find this a bit
confusing. I think it's much more logical with

One really bad thing about this plug-in based thing is that all the UI
is limited to a single dialog (used for both add and edit). Of course,
that will force the implementors of these dialogs to not go crazy with
options (unless they discover they can use tabs!). Do you think this is
a problem?

Also, one thing to keep in mind is that the way enterprises manage
configuring VPN on employees computers most probably involve having
sysadmins mail out users individual .PCF files on a regular interval. At
least that work flow was true in my old job. With the way NM will work
enterprises can deploy a single RPM with this information. Which is


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