Re: nm-vpn-properties

On Tue, 2005-05-24 at 11:45 -0400, Bill Moss wrote:
> I applied the patch David just posted to HEAD 1.371. Works now. Comments
> 1. Hovering over the 'Create VPN Connections' turns the fontcolor to 
> white which does not show up well against a light background.

In the assistant? Do you have a screenshot.

> 2. Does the other username checkbox imply that you plan for 
> nm-vpn-properties to eventually 'discover' the username?  Seems like 
> just adding username to the list of date entered would be simpler and 
> suffice.

For vpnc integration with NetworkManager, specifically, I think the
contract should be that unless vpn_data contain the entries

 "Xauth username", "<myUserName>"

then the NM vpnc backend should just use the username from the login
session (it can fetch this from the NetworkManagerInfo session). 

The idea here is that a sysadmin for org XYZ may deploy a single
package, say orgXYZ-VPN-connections.noarch.rpm, that puts in some
entries in the mandatory gconf settings (which has the nice sideeffect
that users cannot mess (edit or delete) these up). For this to work the
gconf settings cannot reference the username at all (since it would need
to work for all usernames).

However, your login username on your laptop may be different from your
vpnc username so we need a way to force this. Hence the check box.

Another point is that this is also designed to work with other types of
VPN connections than Cisco/vpnc - AFAIK there are VPN connections that
doesn't even have the concept of user names, but certificates instead.
Things like IPSec, openvpn etc. comes to mind.

Does this clarify?


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