Atheros abg / madwifi + wep / dropouts due to scanning


On 31 Jan 2005 you said:

> I think we can address your problem by having the card scan less often
> (and even less often if its an a/b/g card).

(see : gnome org/msg00090.html

I'm definitely seeing this myself now that I'm home.  I wasn't really noticing
it at the office (which didn't use WEP) but I definitely see it at home (where
I DO use WEP).  In particular I'm seeing a 9 second dropout every minute.  This
makes many network connections REALLY HARD to use.

Personally, I'd rather NM not scan at all if it's connected to an AP unless I
signal a sleep/wakeup manually, or if the AP goes away.  Why scan if it's
happily connected?  Especially when it introduces network dropouts like this?

Is there some configuration I can make to turn off scanning, or make it scan
every 15 minutes or something that wont hit me constantly?  I'm using
STABLE_0_3 as of a few days ago.



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