Re: Non default VPN route patch

On Mon, 16 May 2005, Tomislav Vujec wrote:
> Hi all,
> I made some changes to the current CVS head, which allow setting up
> non-default routes for the VPN. In case your home connection is much
> better than through the office, you don't want your default route to go
> through the VPN.
> This only works for the RedHat back end now, but it should be easy to
> adjust for other distributions. You'll need an additional gconf key,
> called routes in your VPN set up. It should be a list of strings, each
> of them representing a single non default route, e.g. ""
> which you want to pass through the VPN. If the list is empty, the
> behavior should stay the same.

Committed with one small change: in nm_system_vpn_device_set_from_ip4_config(),
I added checks to validate that the route is actually in the format of 
"x.x.x.x/x", otherwise it could be a security risk when that string gets passed 
to system().


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