Re: Non default VPN route patch

On Mon, 16 May 2005, Tomislav Vujec wrote:
> Hi all,
> I made some changes to the current CVS head, which allow setting up
> non-default routes for the VPN. In case your home connection is much
> better than through the office, you don't want your default route to go
> through the VPN.
> This only works for the RedHat back end now, but it should be easy to
> adjust for other distributions. You'll need an additional gconf key,
> called routes in your VPN set up. It should be a list of strings, each
> of them representing a single non default route, e.g. ""
> which you want to pass through the VPN. If the list is empty, the
> behavior should stay the same.

Cool!  One thing I noticed with VPN setup was that the subnet mask passed back 
from the concentrator that gets set on tun0 isn't inclusive enough to even 
include the nameservers that the concentrator sends back.  That really seems 
like a config error, and that was one reason why the default was to route 
everything through tun0...  But using would solve that.

How could this potentially  mesh with your vpnc config?  Would we need to add 
additional functionality to allow your config to be used?


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