Re: CVS (STABLE_0_3) works for Madwifi/Atheros, but starts too late

Starting dbus, hal, and NM early will work in the wired case because a
connection is established before nm-applet is run so ntpd will find a
connection when it runs later, but this won't work for wireless because
a connection will not be made until nm-applet runs after all the init
scripts have run. Am I missing something?

If ntpd doesn't find a connection when it is run, it becomes brain dead
and will not work until restarted. Depending on the order of init
scripts is problematic. Network dependent services need some way to be
told that a link is available or some way to be started or restarted
when a link becomes available.

I am running Head 1.361 under FC4 Test 3 on a T42. All seems very stable
including vpnc support.

Bill Moss
Professor, Mathematical Sciences
Clemson University

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