Device activation/DHCP rework committed


This is what I've been doing for a couple days (from the ChangeLog)...

* Kill dhcpcd.  We now use "dhcdbd", a dbus daemon that controls dhclient.
  This means that NetworkManager shouldn't have DHCP issues anymore.  It also
  means you need dhcdbd, which you can get here (get the latest one):

  Technically NetworkManager can use any DHCP daemon that uses the same DBUS
  interface as dhcdbd.

* Rewrite device activation to facilitate the new DHCP infrastructure and
  future improvements.  Its now "activation request" based, ie there is a single
  activation request composed of the device, access point, and other info which
  follows the entire activation process.  There are 5 stages of the activation
  process which correspond to:

	1) Device preparation
	2) Device configuration (bring it up, set ESSID/Key/etc)
	3) IP Config Start (fire off DHCP if we're using it)
	4) IP Config Get (grab config from DHCP or static config files)
	5) IP Config Commit (set device's IP address, DNS, etc)

  Note that there is no longer a "scanning" step, since the access point must
  be known _before_ activation starts.  If the access point drops out or does
  not exist for some reason, the entire activation process fails and must be
  restarted for a different access point or device.

I expect this to be somewhat unstable, for example to perhaps switch
connections out from underneath you, get stuck during activation without
explicitly failing or other oddness.  However, the code is much simpler
and easier to follow, which means it will be easier to fix.

I'm happy that dhcpcd is gone, how 'bout you? :)


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