WPA support


Scanning the archive it doesn't look like anyone is actively working
on this? If not, I'd like to offer my help. I don't have much
experience coding C, mostly done C++ and Java.

As I see it first task is to chance WPA_Supplicant into a library. I
think acquainting myself with the inner works of WPA_Supplicant and
NetworkManager from the beginning is perhaps a bit to much. Hence i
would appreciate if You could help me by telling how You would like
interaction with the WPA_Supplicant library to be.

WPA_Supplicant already have a mode where SSID scanning and association
is controlled by user and i think this is a good base for
NetworkManager integration. Also for now i think it would be a good
idea to let wpa_supplicant configure hardware for WPA using it's
drivers at least until WPA is completely implemented through Wireless
Extension and kernel modules support this.

Tim warberg
twarberg at gmail.com

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