Re: WPA support

On 5/3/05, Dan Williams <dcbw redhat com> wrote:
> Also, while we get driver information from HAL, we may need to let
> wpa_supplicant determine the driver to use.  I'm not sure about that since I
> haven't seen the wpa_supplicant driver selection code, if any.  Or are drivers
> manually set in the config file?  In any case, we can figure out what the base
> driver is from HAL and pass that on in some form to wpa_supplicant.

Driver is set as an argument at execution time. If this somehow isn't
changeable i guess wpa_supplicant just have to be executed when
required and terminated when not.
Because there is only drivers for a limited range of hardware perhaps
there should be a list of hardware vs. driver and if hardware detected
by HAL isn't on the list either WPA is disabled or user is prompted to
select a driver. This is hopefully only temporarily until WPA through
Wireless Extension is in kernel and modules support it.

Currently there's drivers for:
Intel IPW2100/2200
Wireless Extension

excl. BSD 802.11 layer and Windows NDIS

> But if the above string-type thing works to be passed over the control socket to
> wpa_supplicant, that sounds good.
> Hope to see some WPA stuff soon!

Me too :)

Tim Warberg
Email: twarberg at

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