"Repair" function


Here @ mit we have wireless all over the place. Unfortunately when you move your laptop (without shutting down) from one region (eg: a building) to another (eg: another building), your adapter is under the impression nothing has changed because the SSID remains the same. I don't know the precise details of what changes but the connection no longer works (even though the signal strength is strong & the adapter thinks you're still good).

On the windows side, you just right click the connection & select "repair". The adapter gets disabled & re-enabled & the connection is reset. With NetworkManager there doesn't appear to be any such option. What I had to do to avoid shutting down was

/etc/init.d/NetworkManager restart

Unfortunately, since I run KDE, that dropped the icon from my system tray. So while I was able to reconnect it was inconvenient to do so and I lost my system tray icon.

SO. What I'm asking about is:

1) a "repair" function of sorts that is available by clicking on the system tray icon 2) making NM available to the system tray as an "applet" so it's possible to more reliably ( and transparently) add and remove it from the system tray in KDE.



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