DNS Resolution problems

I'm currently running the latest cvs version of network manager but am
having some problems with dns.
Basically I have to go to a terminal window and type nslookup
www.anyhostname.com before it will work.  It then seems to work for
that address for approx 5minutes before failing again.  This happens
with gaim, firefox, evolution, lynx and I assume others too.

Like i said I'm running latest cvs of network manager, fedora core 4
with latest updates.  I'm guessing this little log entry may hold a
Jul 27 20:08:03 griffin dhcdbd: message_handler: message handler not
found under  /com/redhat/dhcp/ath0 for sub-path
Jul 27 20:08:04 griffin NetworkManager: <WARNING>        ():
get_ip4_string(): error calling 'domain_name', DHCP daemon returned
error 'org.freedesktop.DBus.Er ror.UnknownMethod', message 'Method
"domain_name" with signature "" on interface  "com.redhat.dhcp.dbus.get"
doesn't exist '.

resolv.conf contains the correct entry for the dns server.  With the
included networkmanager version that started a local dns server, it
would work for about 10mins if i changed resolv.conf to point to the
network dns.
This is using a wireless network card (atheros/latest madwifi cvs, ath0)
connecting to a wlan with wep encryption.  Using a wired card without
network manager has no problems.

Thankyou for any help you can give me!


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