Re: OpenVPN support

Dan Williams wrote:

>Feel free to go right ahead and see what you can do.  What we really want to 
>know is whether or not we need to change the VPN API to adapt to other clients, 
>and whether or not we need to change how NetworkManager sets up the IP/tunnel 
>stuff.  If OpenVPN doesn't use the 'tun' kernel module, we probably will.  But 
>if we don't know about it, we can't.  So in short, if you run into assumptions 
>that NetworkManager makes about a particular VPN client, we can and will fix 

OpenVPN also uses the ethertap depending on how you set it up. So we
need to add support for that at least. I'll keep you posted as I run
into problems. :)

There will probably be some discussion about the configuration and the
'just-works' idea of NetworkManager. But I'll get something up and
running first so there is something to use as a reference.


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