Re: [patch] redo tray icon.

On Fri, 2005-07-08 at 13:32 +0200, Tomislav Vujec wrote:
> Trying to push the issue again. Volume applet is an applet. nm-applet is
> a notification icon. Shouldn't we start thinking of either changing the
> left-click menu to a dialog or converting nm-applet to a real applet?
> The only thing is that with the latter, we'll disable potential KDE
> users of the NetworkManager, so I would go with the first option....

Actually I've been intentionally trying to make no distinction between
the two types.  There is only the technical distinction that separates
these two things right now.  Since the nm-applet sits in the
notification area instead of appearing and then disappearing like a real
notification it is essentially acting as an applet.  Some kind of Turing
test would show that the nm-applet really thinks it is an applet and
could fool any human into thinking that as well. ;-)

I'm not so much worried about the GNOME/KDE problem since I imagine KDE
people would want to create their own applet type thing using Qt-DBUS so
it looks and works better on their desktop.  But since it is an
notification area icon we happen to get it working in KDE for free.

There is some cleanup we need to do with the menus for left and right
click ones.  I've been working on some design documentation for
NetworkManager so we can have a clear idea of how the menus should look
and interact.  There was some discussion starting about it before [1]
but I kind of threw cold water on it since I highly disapprove of UI
wanking unless I get to do some technical wanking. 

Soon we'll have a new web site where we can move all the documentation
and notes.  And I'm going to start sending out the usage scenarios soon
so we can all see what kind of drugs I'm really on.

~ Bryan


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