DNS problem (forwarding order?)

I have Fedora Core 4 and NetworkManager installed. When I use NetworkManager I experience DNS problems that prevent me from using NetworkManager on a regular basis. Here are the details...

I am on a private network ( with a DHCP server, a name server (at that maps names to the private IP addresses, and a gateway (also at out to the Internet. My computer gets assigned IP address The name server at maps the name "dhcp-10-12-50-12.dhcp.pvt" to the address

Most of the time (when using NetworkManager), I am not able to do a reverse lookup on my ip address, but sometimes I can. It seems as if the forwarders are not called in the given order. For example, if I run the following three commands repeatedly...

# service NetworkManager restart
# md5sum /etc/resolv.conf /var/named/data/NetworkManager-named.conf
# host

...I can tell from that the md5sums that the config files' contents do not change from restart to restart, but the "host" command sometimes fails and sometimes succeeds. FWIW, forward lookups of names on the private network (e.g. "dhcp-10-12-50-12.dhcp.pvt") also fail/succeed in the same way. The command "host" always succeeds.

Here are the versions of NetworkManager and bind that I have installed...

# rpm -q NetworkManager bind

The NetworkManager-named.conf file that NetworkManager generates looks like this (I've masked the ips of my external DNS servers)...

// Named configuration, generated by NetworkManager

options {
        directory "/";
        query-source address * port *;
        forward only;
        forwarders {; <ip of dns2>; <ip of dns3>; };
        listen-on  {; };
        pid-file "/var/named/data/NetworkManager-pid-named";

// Disable rndc
controls { };

And the /etc/resolv.conf file looks like this...

; generated by NetworkManager, do not edit!

; Use a local caching nameserver controlled by NetworkManager


If I change /etc/resolve.conf to...

nameserver <ip of dns2>
nameserver <ip of dns3>

...then "host" always succeeds. This leads me to believe that the forwarders listed in the named.conf file are not always used in the given order.

Is there anything I can do get DNS lookups to always work when using NetworkManager? As I mentioned above, this prevents me from using NetworkManager.

Thanks for any insights,

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