Re: integration of nonphysical interfaces in NM

Hi Dan,

On Thu, 20 Jan 2005 09:54:39 -0500, Dan Williams wrote:
> Unless a good reason can be given for applications to need to know about
> a VPN, I don't really see why its necessary to advertise which ones are
> available.  Obviously, there is a need to be able to bring certain VPN
> connections up/down, but that's not something that normal applications
> need to know.  Only one application really needs to know that, the
> application that either (a) allows the user to bring it up him/her-self,
> or (b) the application provided by corporate IT to allow its employees
> to use the company network.  Mozilla sure doesn't care that a VPN is
> there.

Well, I was thinking here about monitoring applications, firewalls,
sharing net connection application (masquerade, or NAT or something else).
I was thinking about ksysguard, which lets me monitor the network
interfaces it finds when it starts. If it listens to dbus, and find a new
interface, it can dynamically add it to the possible monitored interfaces.

> Some "virtual" connections do need to be advertised, like IP-over-USB
> connections to Sharp Zaurus PDAs for syncing.  Maybe the best way to do
> that is pluggable modules or something. Suggestions welcome.
> Dan


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