Re: [Re: multiple AP's with same essid]

On Wed, 2005-02-16 at 15:32 -0500, Bill Moss wrote:
> It is not necessary to modify the 'Other Wireless Networks' dialog Key Type dropdown menu by 
> adding the item
>       'Key already entered'
> If the hidden essid and the key are already in the gconf database, 
> all you have to do connect to an AP with MAC address not in the database is to
> fill in the essid box in the 'Other Wireless Networks' dialog. You do not have
> to check the 'Connect with encryption enabled' checkbox and you do not have to
> enter the key.

yes, but your basic idea could still be of use here: why not have a drop
down of all the currently known (from gconf) essids? In our company, we
too have a lot of APs with a very cryptic essid that I really don't want
to enter by hand each time....

Furthermore, I have another problem that maybe needs some help from NM:
each month, our company changes essid and WEP key for security reasons.
It would be really could if NM would allow me to enter once the new
essid and key in the other networks dialog, and then detect that the
current AP mac is already in gconf with a different essid and key, and
just rewrite the whole entry in gconf (after a suitable prompt to do so)
for me by changing key and essid to the new ones. This way, I could
leave the list of AP mac adresses intact.

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