Re: Proxy Configs?

On Tue, 2005-02-08 at 15:19 -0500, Paul Dugas wrote:
> A wish-list item...  Is there a standard DHCP entry for the local HTTP
> proxy server?  Ever considered having NM handle setting things up in
> response to such or some configurable attribute of remembered networks? 
> I've been tinkering with running squid on my laptop with a cache_peer
> entry pointing to the appropriate proxy and using the no-query (no ICP
> stuff) and proxy-only (no local caching) options.  I'd like to automate it
> if possible.  Kind of like the named usage NM used to do?
> Just a thought,

I think NM already runs a set of programs when attaching to a new
network, if not, it's something it should do. IIRC, it used to do that.
With this, the networking details should be set in the environment and
then you should be able to kick squid so things work.

Just another thought :-)


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