CVS-2-2 NMApplet hover and bar

Using ipw2200-1.0.0, NM CVS-2-2, NMApplet hover shows the same link quality value as iwconfig but the bar is empty.

I reinstalled NM CVS-1-29. NMApplet hover and bar are both frozen at the same value. This seems to indicate that the problem may not be entirely the fault of the ipw2200 driver.

I am going to make a guess at what NMApplet is suppose to do in terms of showing signal strength. I emphasize the word GUESS.

When associated to an AP in infrastructure mode, ipw2200 passively gathers statistics for that AP on link quality (x/y), signal level, noise level, beacons missed, etc. and these can be displayed using iwconfig. NMApplet hover should show a link quality percentage that is determined from (x/y). In the case of ipw2200, y = 100 so x = percentage. NM CVS-2-2 seems to be doing this.

When a scan is requested by NM or iwlist, ipw2200 switches to scan mode and actively gathers statistics on all AP's that are within range. The NMApplet bars, one for each AP, should show the link quality or signal strength of each of these AP's. The NM function nm_device_wireless_process_scan_results extracts the statistics for each AP from the scan. NM CVS-2-2 is showing all scanned AP's to have a signal strength of zero. This may be due to recent changes in the way NM processes scanned statistics. It could be also be that the statistics returned by ipw2200 are incomplete in some way.

Bill Moss
Professor, Mathematical Sciences
Clemson University

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