Re: Atheros abg / madwifi trouble

On Sun, 30 Jan 2005 22:52:59 -0500, Lance A. Brown wrote:

> Dan Williams wrote:
>> I've committed some updates to CVS that may fix this, but Monday at work a 
>> coworker has an Atheros abg card that I'll test out and see if I can come 
>> up with a definite fix.
> NM isn't pushing my Atheros into mode 1 (802.11a) mode anymore, and the
> NIC associates with my AP properly now, but NM isn't finding out the NIC
> has hardware link.  It sits forever waiting.
> This is a definite improvment over getting put into 802.11a mode.  I'm
> glad to see progress!
> --[Lance]

yes. great improvement over the version of nm released with fc3!

i experience the same here. as soon as i the card associates, nm reports
no hardware link and waits for another ap forever.

dan, i hope you find the bug today.


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