Re: OpenVPN port selection

George Billios wrote:
> Tim,

Hi George.

> Could you also add a port option for openvpn?

Hmm, the only thing where it is really useful is the shared secret
connection type, since there every connection has a different port...

For the rest this shouldn't matter since OpenVPN got a port assigned
from IANA. The vpnc-plugin doesn't have that feature, either.

I don't want to just put it in the optional information expander like
the rest. This get's bloated. But for now I cannot think of a better
place. Does someone else have a better idea?

> Also I saw that you haven't implemented support for 'push' options from
> the vpn server, like if the servers 'pushes' a DNS server or a specific
> route which must be added to the clients routing table. Will you
> implement this also?

That is not completely correct. I take care of DNS and WINS push
messages (see src/nm-openvpn-service-openvpn-helper.c, the
foreign_option_%i stuff). I do not care about the routes for now since
NM does not (yet?) have support for sending these after the connection
has been established via dbus, use the routes field in the optional
information expander.


    Tim Niemueller <tim niemueller de>
 Imagination is more important than knowledge. (Albert Einstein)

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