Re: Network properties / support info

<quote who="Dan Williams">

> I'm not sure what it has that Robert's dialog does not, other than the
> bytes sent/received...

> What specific things were you looking for?

I think it comes down to soft HIGgy goodness. :-)

> So, if the only things left in the context menu are the About item and the
> Connection Information item, it may not make sense to keep the Connection
> Info thing in the right click menu.  If that's the case, we could either
> make gnome-netstatus aware of NetworkManager and remove the connection
> info stuff from the nm applet entirely, or we could move the Connection
> Info item to the main menu.

Given that NM replaces most of netstatus functionality (flashing lights are
the major exception, not that I wildly appreciate those, but they're useful
in some cases), it probably doesn't make sense to run both at the same time.

The About button could live in the connection info dialogue. ;-)

Thanks Dan, NM is really rocking along!

- Jeff

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