Wired by default & keyring unlocking

Hi everybody,

First: When logging into my GNOME desktop, NM automatically brings up
the wired connection eth0 (creating it's own subrange, I think), though
there's no cable attached (ethtool: Link detected: no), how can I debug

The actual message: When logging into my GNOME desktop, and selecting my
wireless access point "osaka", which has a WEP key, I get asked to
unlock my gnome keyring. Is there a way to save WEP keys in an
unprotected ring, so they are available without unlocking the keyring?
To me it makes sense to store things like VPN info inside the keyring,
but how do I go explaining to my mother (which isn't very PC savvy),
that she has to enter her password to get wireless internet?


Ruben Vermeersch (rubenv)

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