Re: [patch] gui should reflect the actual state of vpn

Wait, so what is the user experience with this patch?  I had thought we
were going to move to a more reactive applet and this sounds like a less
reactive applet.

The reactive applet problem is where you click on a wireless network and
it doesn't do anything right away.  Presumably it's sent a dbus message
to NetworkManager, however we really want the applet to instantly do
something different to show that it's going to change.

~ Bryan

On Thu, 2005-08-25 at 15:38 -0400, Christopher Aillon wrote:
> Currently, if the user selects a VPN connection, the GUI immediately 
> reflects there is a VPN connection active.  If the connection then 
> fails, the composited lock icon goes away.  This is bad since it is 
> confusing to users (it confused me the other day), and doesn't really 
> reflect the true state of VPN, which also has a (very tiny) risk of DNS 
> spoofing on a rogue AP.
> The attached patch sends dbus signals from NM to nm-applet letting it 
> know when the state changes, and removes the pull code from the applet, 
> which is overall much cleaner IMO.
> May I commit?
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