Re: HEAD 1.450 applet.c patch

On Mon, 15 Aug 2005, Bill Moss wrote:

> The 'Connect to Other Network...' dialog will add a menu item to 
> 'Wireless Networks' and will add the entered ESSID and a timestamp to 
> GConf. If the user makes an error in typing the ESSID or is just 
> experimenting, he end up with multiple bogus entries in GConf. Following 
> the theme of not adding data to GConf until it has been verified by a 
> successful connection, I submit the attached patch to gnome/applet/applet.c.
> The call to nmwa_date_network_timestamp in nmwa_menu_item_active has 
> been removed. Since this is the only place the function 
> nmwa_date_network_timestamp is used, it has been eliminated as well.

Ok, so I've actually applied & committed this patch along with the 
user_requested changes I outlined earlier.  I think that's the approach I'd like 
to take, let's see how that holds up and if need be, we can change it later.


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